My name is Aaron Michael Thompson. I am a professional painter whose Paintings and Drawings have been exhibited in Samuel M. V. Hamilton Museum at The Pennsylvania academy of the Fine Art. I am represented by Drawing Room Gallery in Greenwich Ct., as well as Private collections.  A native of Charleston, South Carolina, I earned my BFA in Illustration, from Savannah College of Art and Design. After being awarded The Merit Scholarship from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, I moved to Philadelphia where I earned my Masters Degree in Painting.I attended the Barnes Artist Residency in Umbria, Italy during the month of July 2014. Currently, I am an Adjunct Professor at Arcadia University and the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design, I work for Gamblin Artist Colors as an Educational Lecturer of Visual Arts, and continue my studio practice at The Mill Street Studio in Philadelphia, PA.

It is important for me to paint from observation in a direct manner to capture my perception as truthfully as possible. Through the exploration of space, form, and situation I attempt to make tangible a single moment of accumulated experience. Sometimes it is a space that intrigues me, other times it is the inhabitants, either way it is always personal. Currently, I am working at The Mill Street Studio attempting to break down the barriers between chance and observation.